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The great star Canopus is one of the clearest in the sky, even though it is far away. Our ambition is to offer you a fund that is equally as brilliant. To do this, we have chosen a recognized fund platform with great flexibility in how we can invest our money.

SISSENER Canopus is a fund suitable for investors who want:

  • A good investment foundation in its portfolio
  • To achieve a god risk-adjusted return.
  • A flexible management mandate.
  • A fund with lower risk in relation to stock indices and traditional equity funds.
  • Daily price quotation.
  • Daily liquidity.
  • Being co-invested with Managing Director Jan Petter Sissener, who has a large share of his financial assets in the fund on par with other investors.
  • A fund with full transparency and liquidity, subject to a common EU regulatory framework (UCITS 4) and approved under the exemption model.